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This page catalogs details and information about various projects and subsidiaries under the Kolyma Network. This page does not include direct services and organizations of the Kolyma Network, for that, please see List of Kolyma Services

Heyuri-tan, as drawn by Mac in the 2020 mascot contests

Flagship Projects

The flagship projects refer to the best, most important, or greatest out of the list of projects and organizations ran by KolymaNET.


Heyuri is a English-language imageboard founded in 2018, Heyuri attempts to emulate the feeling and style of the pre-2006 internet, "as well as providing a space for the creation of original content and fun, interesting threads". The imageboard is one of the smallest run by KolymaNET, yet still considered important due to its notability.


G3 is a set of 3 imageboards, Gurochan, Gorechan and Loliboard. Gurochan was first restarted by Kuznetsov with the help of some previous gurochan staff, and is currently running, on 9channel's 16th birthday Gorechan and Loliboard were started as well. Since, they have been some of the largest sites ran by KolymaNET.

G3 Front Page


FHP (An acronym for FreeHostingProject) is the Kolyma Networks since-renamed webhosting and VPS service. As of 2021, the FHP website redirects to the KolymaNET hosting services page.