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URL: heyuri.net
Created: 2018
Status: Online
Type: Imageboard
Language: English
Owner: Yuri Kuznetsov
Founder: Riley James Bell
Registration: Optional (VIP)

Heyuri (Heyuri.net) is a English language imageboard created by Riley James Bell in 2018. It is considered one of the 3 flagship projects of the Kolyma Network. Its primary purpose is to serve as a "real Futaba clone" and provide an experience similar to old 4chan.

"I would reckon that the vast majority of people, Heyuri-users or not, don't understand the sites purpose. So, let me get something straight, ITS NOT AN OLDFAG CIRCLEJERK/HANGOUT. Its about simply having fun in our own way."

"People of all ages should enjoy and participate on Heyuri. Let's all stop fighting about "teens", "zoomers", and other buzzwords. If you want to go jerk off the same group of 30 year old men making the same joke over and over again, then that has its place. Heyuri, however, is not that."

Yuri Kuznetsov


This section may contain biased or incorrect information and is due for a rewrite.


Founded in 2018 as a file-sharing website, Heyuri has had a long and rich history. In November 2019, it started a new life as an Imageboard. The site was for the most part unused and, and almost nothing of note happened until March 2020, when the site gained small traction. In May of 2020, Yuri Kuznetsov was hired as the sites server administrator, and in late June the site was migrated to his servers.

Site Death

On July 10th, 2020, lolico, after putting up a global message about the search for developers, hired "Akima". Akima claimed to have extensive experience in PHP, nginx configurations, and digital security. As it would turn out, none of this was true. Kuznetsov and Lolico would have arguments and fights even before this date, but they rarely flared up into anything more than a few days of tension. However, after Akima came along, he would often stoke the fires and cause arguments to be longer, harsher, and more drawn out.

On July 12th, 2020, Akima ran a command on Heyuri's server, which formatted the "/" Directory, therefor removing all the files, and ruining the server. After "examining" the hardware through ssh on a live CD, Akima concluded that the OS had spontaneously failed, and removed everything. Kuznetsov's 170$ Server, and 4 months of Lolicos PHP work were destroyed. Each admin mourned their respective losses. At this time, both administrators believed Akimas conclusion and continued to give him developer access to their servers. By July 14th, Heyuri was back up and running, but with some users gone, and many months behind in development. This is usually regarded as the first death of Heyuri. Many often refer to May and June, and early July as Heyuri's golden era.

This crash left heyuri down for several days, and in that time many users left the site, and Kuznetsov became increasingly discontent with the state of the software. He would often complain to lolico that it was broken, and lolico would claim he was working himself to exhaustion to fix it. Lolico also fired Kuznetsov 4 times in this month, but each time invited him to come back. This was when "Ross" and "Nakura", 2 Moderators, joined. There was another moderator (cavalier) but he was inactive.

On July 20th, Akima and Kuznetsov were talking in a Kolyma Network IRC chatroom, when Akima proposed that instead of having to deal with "Lolico's incapabilities", that they could simply take over Heyuri themselves. Akima laid out to Kuznetsov his knowledge of creating and spreading malware, which he could use to take over Lolico's computer. Akima also collected private information about lolico, planning to use it against Lolico as blackmail. Kuznetsov was frightened by the prospect, but reluctantly agreed to be strung along in this plot to overthrow Lolico and take control of the domain. He later said he regretted this decision, and later on went on to say he was forced into it under threat of blackmail against himself. This claim however, remains unverified.

By August, relations between lolico and Kuznetsov had soured into complete hatred, they argued daily, and Akima continued to propagate arguments so as to create more divide. After one spam attack, Heyuri was crippled, the posts had been wiped, and the speed of which the software was read/writing on Kuznetsov's drives scared him. This, in turn, caused him to tell lolico that he wouldn't host for him anymore. They moved to a different hosting service, and were down for 2 days, which in turn meant even more downtime.

Finally, in mid August, Kuznetsov became very angry with Lolico, and, decided to tell Lolico about the blackmailed information, and threatened to use it against him if he didn't comply with his demands, those being to change some things on the site, keep it running (as lolico was talking about shutting it down), and to keep the 2 moderators in place. Lolico was taken aback, he said he was offended and felt as though his trust had been broken. After 10 minutes of arguing, Kuznetsov said he regretted outbursting, but it was too late, his trust with lolico had completely ruined. Kuznetsov asked to be demoted to a Moderator, and to never bring it up again, but 2 days later quit entirely. An agreement between Kuznetsov and lolico was made, lolico would stay silent, and Kuznetsov would go his seperate way with heyuri. Both sides acknowledged this fully, but the spam attacks continued, Heyuri would be spammed daily, and with Kuznetsov gone, all of Akimas hatred was directly targeted towards lolico.

Kuznetsov held a final Q&A with the userbase of Heyuri, the /q/ thread reached over 200 replies, and many users were saddened to see him go. The party/b/us, the core tripfags, and even yuki-chan left. Lolico responded to the criticism of his leadership by banning users off the assumption that they were "just trolls".

Lolico, a struggling 17 year old programmer, simply could not keep up with the constant attacks, and it took an immense toll on his physical health. Akima remained the developer, and continued to lie to both lolico and Kuznetsov about his intentions.

Finally, in September 7, with his FTP access, Akima deleted all of Heyuri's files, and replaced the front page with a static file mocking lolico and his family. after few hours, Akima admitted that he was behind all of the attacks. Lolico went into hiding, Kuznetsov immediatley revoked all of akimas power, and Heyuri was shut down.

Dark Ages

Also see: StrawberryHeaven

Since the death of both Heyuri and 9chan, users who wanted to indulge in Heyuri's culture had no where to go. Until December 4, Kuznetsov opened StrawberryHeaven, a mix between Heyuri, 9ch, and RaspberryHeaven.